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Testimonials – Fix My PC AJ

(19 reviews)
Thanks AJ for your really quick service on my PC.
I have not reconnected it yet - I promised myself I would clean up my work area before I put the PC back... my project for the weekend. I'll be back to let you know how it's doing!
-Helen Levenduski
My laptop was dropped or damaged by my two young toddlers, and I thought I had lost everything on it. The mouse pad was broken, and when I turned it on, it had an error message. I had 5 years worth of files, pictures, music and other documents that I thought I had lost forever. Upon seeing AJ's website, I decided to call him. He not only came and picked up my computer for me at my house right away, but called back in about and hour and stated he will be able to retrieve everything. AJ had my computer for about two days, and not only fixed it, but he upgraded the software system as well. He replaced the corrupted hard drive with one more powerful, which was a bonus. I was really impressed at the cost of it all. I just got a brand new updated computer for less than $300. Five years worth of information is worth more than that. To top it all off AJ came to my house and personally delivered my computer to me and went through all that he did. I highly recommend using his services and will recommend him to anyone who has computer trouble. He went above and beyond anything Best Buy, Dell, etc... would have done. Great Job!
-Deanna Popowicz
Thank you for all your help. AJ is very understanding and helpful. He is patient, is knowledgeable and easy to get an appointment with. He has really helped my boyfriend and I with our laptops. He is a blessing to us. :)
-Leslie Angela
I am a disabled resident of Stanhope, N.J. and found myself in need of computer repair. I found Fix My PC AJ on line. It could not have turned out better. Even though my computer could not be repaired in my home AJ spent several hours troubleshooting my unit before taking it to his shop for more extensive troubleshooting. Though slowed by the delivery of needed hardware for the computer AJ provided expertise in solving my problem as well as providing necessary parts to upgrade memory as well as video capacity. All this was done in a professional, knowledgeable, friendly manner. He provided his expertise to fix my computer (and then some) as well as assurance that the job would be well done. His compensation was low considering all the time that AJ spent diagnosing, troubleshooting, upgrading and delivering my computer to and from my house. With all things considered I would recommend that you choose Fix My PC AJ for your computer needs, no matter what they are. He made me a customer, even though he did such a good job that I don't think I will ever need this unit repaired ever again! Happy in Stanhope, Tom Reichert
-Thomas Reichert
A J Computer provides outstanding service. He makes sure your PC is working properly and offers suggestions to make your life easier. He has done work on my PC's numerous times and I always turn to him when I need help! I am new to this area and was so happy when I found him!
If you have a problem with your computer, or if you're looking to wire or RE-wire your current business, or perhaps are simply looking to streamline your business...AJ is the man you need to talk to. He gives the same passion to small jobs as he does to the large ones and is a man of his word and can always be counted on. AJ has assisted our IT efforts over the last five years and he has NEVER disappointed us. He is a man of distinct morals and scruples and can be trusted. He has a wealth of knowledge that rivals the IT departments that have helped me on Wall Street. I would recommend him to ANY one in need of help with their computer; AJ is a hard worker and I can't say enough positive things about him.
-Adam Watkins
Sometimes, good things are meant to happen......my regular PC-man did not call back :-( I was having a serious invasion of my desk-top. I unplugged the PC and was searching for help. It was Sunday.
There was the web-site and a 24/7 any day any time promise. I called and had AJ over within hours.
36 hours later, my computer was delivered back to me and was working as it should. The bill was more than reasonable, but most of all, I found someone that understood the older generation and their hang-ups, took his time and cared to explain.
Very professional und courteous to boot.........Thanks *****
-A. Wagner
This guy is a genius, he is been very helpful to me. I know many computer experts but this guy is different. He gives best solutions to pc problems, and helps me to keep my pc and my data safe. Thanks a ton man, we need more people like you to make this world a better place.
-Gaurav Bassi
AJ was terrific with clearing the virus from my computer after I lost control of all of my systems. Not only was his pricing reasonable, he saved me the costs of buying software and paying HP and Dell consulting fees for their programs. He did all of the work for me remotely and now my computer, printer, email and internet service are working properly.
-Jennifer Babli
If you want your computer fixed in no time, hustle free, without having to go back fixing it again and wasting your time & money, AJ is your guy. The problem I had was my HP Pavilion Entertainment PC Computer crashed by no reason, I tried fixing it and get it to working mode again, wasted so much time by trying to bring it to one of those computer techs that claiming to be the best in business but after all the hours and money still no results. Friend referred me to AJ and in few hrs I had my baby back!!!...

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