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Server Setup

Server Setup

  • Web server planning and architecture.
  • VMware and Microsoft Virtualization and configuration.
  • Setup Windows or Linux based servers.
  • Security Detection and prevention.
  • Internal firewalls.
Server setup

Do you have a large business that need planning for new web servers? Every business has its unique requirements and needs custom IT solutions for its online requirements. With the number of online customers on the rise, it is mandatory for every business to shift online. At Fix My PC AJ, we offer server setup and configuration services for all major brand of IT hardware. In addition to web server configuration, our services include designing web server architecture, configuring virtualized environments, and installing security hardware/software for your business.

Web Server Planning and Architecture

At Fix My PC AJ, we provide the most required competitive edge to your business with high quality architecture for better resource management. Our experts have many years of experience in web server planning and architecture services. They have in-depth knowledge of different industry requirements and can provide efficient solution for your business.

  • Better Operational Efficiency
  • High Resource Utilization
  • Efficient Resource Management

Our services extend much more than server installation and configuration, we believe in working along with your business to provide best solutions for your establishments.

VMware and Microsoft Virtualization and Configuration

Business has become highly competitive nowadays and it is important to keep up with the ever changing demands of the market. VMware solutions are in the market for quite some time and they are really helpful in different aspects of business. Fix My PC AJ experts have full understanding of virtualization concept and it can help in achieving better operational agility in business environments.

  • Setup Virtual Environment
  • Microsoft Virtualization Package Configuration
  • Design and mange VMware applications

Sometimes it requires the best experts to work for your business and this is where we come to your rescue. Contact us for setting up Microsoft virtualization environment and servers for your business.

Setup Windows and Linux based Servers

Do you need professional IT experts for setting up your servers? We offer setup and installations services for both Linux and Windows servers. Linux servers are known for their better reliability, security, and protection from any sort of attacks. Most of the industries prefer installing these servers for their reliability and negligible downtime. We can configure your servers as per your requirements and help you in protecting your data from any intruders.

  • Installation of Windows and Linux Servers
  • Configuration of Windows and Linux Servers
  • Maintenance of Servers

It is quite common to have issues with IT hardware and it can hinder your work progress. At Fix My PC AJ, we ensure that our client never suffers because of these server issues. We are always available for any server problems and we ensure quick repair of any hardware or software problems.

Security Detection and Prevention

Every business is worried about its data and operation critical information. With the highly competitive market and cut-throat competition, it is must for a company to secure its data and find out any potential threats to it. First step from preventing any kind of data loss is to identify potential threats and make sure to have preventive measures for them. Fix My PC AJ offers threat detection services for all the businesses and our experts will ensure the protection of your data.

  • Threat Detection
  • Advanced Security Measurements
  • Security Breach Prevention
  • Installing Security Hardware/Software for Protection

Internet Firewalls

Firewalls are defined as those hardware/software solutions that protect any unauthorized personnel from gaining access into your system. These are used in most basic to highest level of IT deployments including IT companies, production houses to simple users. Every industry has its specific requirements and the size and quality of firewall protection changes accordingly. There are different types of firewall solutions available in the market starting with the in-built firewalls of operating systems, custom firewalls, and even hardware especially designed to work as firewall.

Installing a firewall in your system will ensure that your system is safe from any kind of external threats and attacks. Fix My PC AJ offers best firewalls tools and programs to combat any kind of external attacks.

  • Installation and configuration of Firewall
  • Hardware Firewall Configuration
  • Security Advice and Advanced Firewall Solutions

Contact us for any of your needs and we ensure that your issues will be solved at the earliest!


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