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PC Tune-ups

PC Tune Ups

  • Check security threats and fix it.
  • System clean up and maintenance.
  • Speed up your computer or laptop.
  • Registry Check and clean up.
  • Check all pending updates.
Tune Ups

Are you tired of the sluggish performance of your PC? With time and regular usage, all the machines have the tendency of slowing down and same is the case with computers. If you are looking forward to a solution for your PC, then probably it is the time for PC tune up. Fix My PC AJ offers premium PC tune up service for computers and laptops. We can tune up your system online as well as in our store, you simply need to contact us for your requirements. We have high quality performance-boosting tools that can detect any present issues with your PC and solve them within minutes. 

We offer 24/7 PC tune service on any day of the week and it requires only 90 minutes to attain the best performance for your PC.

Check Security Threats and Fix it

Most of the users are unaware of the in-built security features of Windows and hence do not have them activated. It may lead to different types of security threats, especially while using internet or working on a network computer. We can help you in restricting any such security threats and fix them to keep your computer protected from any type of threat.

We offer security threat identification and fixing service. Some of these services are discussed below.

  • Security Threat Identification
  • Fixing Security Issues
  • Activating in-built Security Features of Windows
  • Covering Loop Holes in Your System

In addition to all of these services, our expert will help you in identifying security threats and solve them all by yourself. Our services also include full diagnostic or the hardware and software installed on your PC.

System Clean Up and Maintenance

Fix My PC AJ offers complete system clean up and maintenance service for your computer. Generally there are lots of errors in your PC that have occurred because of regular usage and mishandling. It is best to fix these issues else they may even lead to crashing the whole system. We provide all versions of current operating systems available in the market with best rates possible.

Our system clean up and maintenance services are listed below.

  • Complete System Checkup
  • Fixing System Errors
  • Security Updates and software Upgrades

We have experts who can analyze issues in your system and provide cost effective solutions. On top of all of these services, our experts will give proper advice regarding proper usage and handling of your system.

Speed Up Your Computer or Laptop

Does your system takes long time during startup and shut down? Most of the systems face a drop in their performance because of rough handling and piled up system errors. At Fix My PC AJ, we are capable of boosting the overall performance of your system and help you in achieving the peak performance from your system. 

We can speed up your computer and laptop to get maximum output. Out computer speeding up services are listed below.

  • Complete Hardware Diagnostics
  • Software and Security Updates
  • Removing unnecessary files, cookies, unused software, and temporary files from your system.

You can ask any types of questions from our experts and get best advice on achieving maximum output of your system. Contact us and we’ll get rid of all your computer or laptop issues.

Registry Check and Clean Up

Most of the users are unaware of the fact that registry is the most important part of your PC and it should be clean and error free. PC problems are originated from issues in system registry and errors which can be simple error to sever ones which can crash the system. Our services include taking care of your system’s registry and get rid of all the system errors for best performance.

  • Registry Clean Up
  • Registry Error Removal
  • Fixing Registry Errors
  • Organizing PC Registry

Most of the systems fail due to registry errors and lead to loss of important information. If you have important information in your system, make sure to contact Fix My PC AJ to check your PC registry and handle any issues with it.

Check All Pending Updates

One of the best methods of securing your system from any sort of security threats it to keep it updated. At Fix My PC AJ, we will optimize the startup and shut down process of your PC. It is quite common to skip important Windows updates and mostly because of the lack of awareness about these updates. Our experts will make sure that your system is updated and has the latest version of Windows installed in it.

  • Windows Updates Installation
  • Quick Launch and Taskbar Clean Up
  • Better Windows Performance
  • Better Navigation Options
  • Optimize Startup of Your System

Fix My PC AJ experts will diagnose your PC for any possible issues and provide cost effective solution for your system. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call and hire the best computer service in your city. 


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