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Network Setup

Network Setup 

  • Home and small business networking
  • Router, Switches, modem, firewall configuration
  • Network Security detection
  • wireless networking
Network Setup

Network configurations are complex in nature and it is best to be handled by professionals. At Fix My PC AJ, we ensure perfect configuration and error free setup of your network. We provide network setup service for both residential as well as commercial buildings. We offer 100% guarantee for your network security and you can contact us for any queries whatsoever.

Home and small business networking

Are you looking for a reliable network setup service for your business? Most of the business owners are afraid of the security of their information and seek professional help in this context. It can be a small intranet with 10 systems or even large systems with 100 or systems. Our installation and maintenance service will make sure that your resources are safe and keep working perfectly.

Our network setup services for business are listed below.

  • Network Management Services
  • Network Installation and Maintenance
  • Network Security
  • Network Consultation

In addition to business solutions, we provide network setup services for your home as well. Get your network setup and protected with our services. Rest assured that you are safe from any network attack and unauthorized access in your system. Our team of expert will visit your house and setup the network at an affordable cost. 

Router, Switches, Modem, Firewall configurations

All the major network installations require installation of routers, modems, switches, and hardware/software firewalls. For business organizations, there is nothing more important than their data and it is their utmost concern to protect this data from any intruders. Fix My PC AJ offers professional network setup services for business establishments. We can configure your network hardware devices and provide important consultation for upgrading the security of your network.

Our commercial network setup services are listed below.

  • Router installation and configuration
  • Modem installation and configuration
  • Hardware and software Firewall installation/configuration
  • Switch installation and configuration

Our experts will guide your staff for better usage tips that can help in avoiding any network attacks. At Fix My PC AJ, it is our responsibility to ensure the safety of your data and help you out in protecting the critical information of your company.

Network Security Detection

Computer systems and network devices are update regularly to improve the overall protection of the system. All the software vulnerabilities are studied to prevent any kind of network attacks. We have certified experts who can identify the loop holes in your system that may even lead to possible intrusion. At Fix My PC AJ, we have proper set of tools and skilled experts who can identify the pattern of intrusion and help you in keeping your network safe from attacks.

Some of our network security detection services are listed below.

  • Custom Defense Solutions for Network
  • Counter Attack Mechanisms for Network Intrusion
  • Highly Active Network Intrusion Detection System
  • Handle Real Time Attacks
  • Remote Management of Security Operations and Authentication System

In short, we are capable of developing an intrusion prevention system for your network that will ensure the safety of your data at any possible cost. We can help in deployment of both hardware as well as software solutions for the safety and detection of any attacks on your system. All that is required of you is to contact us and we’ll take care of all of your problems.

Wireless Networking

Wireless networks are highly prone to network attacks and unauthorized access. These networks can be easily used within a given area which makes very difficult to monitor the individuals using it. The best idea is to get your wireless network secured professionally. Fix My PC AJ provides expert network installation and protection services for wireless networks. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a professional service for your house or business; we provide network solutions at every scale.

Our networking services are highly trusted for their security and data protection. Some of our services are listed below.

  • Wireless Network Installation for Business/Residential
  • Wi-Fi Service Security and Installation
  • Mobile Security Services
  • Wireless Intrusion Detection and Prevention Services

We have installed networks starting with small office network to enterprise wireless solutions. If you are looking for professional network setup service provider, Fix My PC AJ is the best choice for you.


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