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Data Recovery

Data Recovery

Data is very important for businesses as well as individuals and losing important data can create lots of troubles for you. It is a common practice to keep data on different types of storage mediums and sometimes the data is lost because of an accident or technical fault. At Fix My PC AJ, we specialize in recovering data from any possible data storage device and machine. 

Data Recovery

We have helped lots of individuals as well as businesses in restoring their data. It doesn’t matter that how you lost your data, we are here to solve your data recovery problems.

Some common situations leading to data loss and damage are listed below.

  • Physical damage to the device is one of the most common problems leading to data loss and sometimes even the operating system failure may lead to data loss.
  • You deleted the data accidentally or overwriting of existing control structure by Virus or similar program.
  • Your system corrupted and you are unable to use the data saved on your system itself.
In short, there are lots of reasons which may lead to data failure and you need expert help to get valuable data back. We ensure timely response and your data will be recovered with maximum efficiency.

Laptop Data Recovery

Laptops are used by executives, business people, and employees for regular works and storing important corporate information. Laptop gives an easy accessibility to information and whenever or wherever you need. But the main problem with laptop is that it is a delicate device and there are more chances of disk failure or other hardware issues in these machines. 

What are the common signs of Laptop failure/damage?

It is quote common to get your laptop damaged because of the simplest reasons including laptop being dropped on floor, hardware failure, and similar reasons. Some important signs that can help you in identifying any damage are listed below.

  • Unusual sound coming out of your laptop like grinding and sometimes clicking sound.
  • Operating System missing error.
  • Hard Drive error.
  • Controller Error
  • No booting

We have many years of experience in handling laptop issues and we guarantee laptop data recovery at an effective cost. Our qualified experts have helped many individuals in recovering data from their damaged laptop. Fix My PC AJ is the name you can always rely on. We deal in all brands and models of laptop including Sony, IBM, Lenovo, Samsung, Dell, Acer, Toshiba, and Fujitsu.

Desktop Data Recovery

Fix My PC AJ is the right place for all of your Desktop issues. Desktop are considered to be much more reliable because of their robust nature and capability to survive damages. But sometimes an unexpected error or accident may damage your hard disk and you may lose your data. Some of these reasons which may lead to loss of data in desktop computer are listed below.

  • Desktop physically damaged
  • Hard Disk logical error
  • Virus and Malicious programs
  • Accidental File depletion and hard disk failure errors

We are there for any of these troubles and we ensure that your computer will be repaired within 72 hours of your complain. You can get all the required data recovered from your desktop and you have to pay only for the data you need. Avoid handling the hard disk without any expert and wait for our experts to solve your problem.

Flash or External Drive Data Recovery

Flash drives are the most common form of data devices used nowadays. They are easy to carry, widely used, and portable which makes them best for carrying information. The influence of external drives and flash cards can be seen in every aspect of our life including camera, mobile, and MP3 players. But these drives impose new challenges when it comes to data loss and damage to these devices. 

Some common reasons out of which you may lose data stored in flash drives include failure in hardware, virus and malware, human error, mishandling and damage, power issues, and hardware/software problems. 

Our experts have been working closely on these flash drives and they have proper knowledge as well as programs to recover data from these drives. You can expect quick-turnaround and get your important data recovered as soon as possible. Contact Fix My PC AJ at the earliest!

Server or Network Drives Data Recovery

The worst thing that could happen for an office is to lose important data from its network drive. We have many years of experience in recovering data lost out of a network drive failure. We professional IT solutions for network drive recovery.

Some of our services are listed below.

  • Restoration of application servers
  • Virtual server data recovery
  • Data recovery from file servers
  • RAID data recovery
  • Web server data recovery

In short, you can contact us for any type of server crashes or data recovery issues. We have dedicated experts for reporting network data issues and recovering data from these devices. It doesn’t matter that the problem is catastrophic or just a simple error leading to data loss. Contact us and we’ll ensure that your data is recovered while maintaining its integrity.

 Data Backup

Are you looking for a reliable data backup service so as to ensure the safety of your important data? Getting complete backup of your data should be you first priority and that too with the help of professionals. At Fix My PC AJ, we provide different online as well as offline data backup services. 

With Fix My PC AJ at your service, you can safeguard your data and get access it from anywhere. Your data will be completely protected from any kind of intrusion and be ready to enjoy freedom of data sharing!



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