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Computer Repair

Computer and Laptop Repair

Laptops and computers are among the most important devices that are used in our day to day life. It can be really hard for you to manage even a single day with your computer or laptop broken down. At Fix My PC, we believe in providing high quality computer repair services without holding you back. We have experienced technicians who are capable of repairing any model and makes of computer or laptop.

We offer wide range of repair and diagnostic services for computers. Some of our services are listed below.

  • Checkup service

  • Hardware Upgrades and peripheral installation

  • Motherboard troubleshooting

  • Diagnostic Service

  • Power and batter issues

PC Repair

In short, we can repair any brand and model of laptop despite of the complexity of the problem. Our experts have proper experience in troubleshooting and repair of laptops from different brands. Contact us for the best laptop service in town. 

Hardware and Software Installation

Computers are a major part of our professional as well as personal lives. Sometimes you may need to get a new hardware installed in your computer or upgrading your operating system while saving the current data on your machine. These tasks are better left for the professional because no one can afford to lose such important data. At Fix My PC AJ, we deal with all the network hardware, desktop hardware, and software installation requirements of users.

We offer hardware and software installation services for our clients. Some of our services are listed below.

 Network installation and configuration
  • Computer peripheral installation

  • Network installation and configuration

  • Software licensing

  • PC installation

  • Software and hardware upgrades

  • Hardware and software troubleshooting

You are free contact us for any part of software or hardware that need to be installed in your computer. It is time to hire the best IT solution provider in your area!

Broken LCD Replacement

Do you have a laptop with broken LCD screen? LCD screen is the most common part of a laptop to be broken down. At Fix My PC AJ, we provide replacement and repairing services for broken LCD screens for your laptop. You can rely on use for high quality LCD screens for your laptop and we ensure you that every single LCD problem of your laptop will be solved in few hours.

It is important for you to understand the symptoms of a possible LCD issue in your laptop. There are a lot of signs including dead LCD screen pixels, flickering screens, dim image, cracked screens, power failure in LCD, and appearance of horizontal lines on your LCD screen. We offer affordable service for resolving all of these issues in shortest possible time. 

Our LCD replacement services are listed below.

  • LCD hinge maintenance
  • LCD Panel replacement
  • Broken screen replacement
 LCD hinge maintenance

Contact us for any brand of LCD replacement including Dell, Acer, Toshiba, Mac, HP, Asus, Gateway, Samsung, IBM, Sony, Lenovo and any other brand of laptop screen

Laptop Keyboard Replacement

Keyboard is the most important part of computer as well as keyboard. It is among the basic peripherals that are required to turn on your operating system. At the same time, keyboards are the most problem prone area of laptops. We provide quality keyboard repair and replacement services for all brands of laptops. Just give us a call and we'll take care of any keyboard issues that you are facing with your machine.

There are different types of issues that can create trouble in using your laptop keyboard. These issues can start with missing keys and may include damaged keys, accidental keyboard damage, sticky keys, water damage, and keys missing from the laptop keyboard. We ensure you of resolving all of these issues at reasonable prices.

Some of our laptop keyboard replacement services are listed below.

  • Missing key replacement for laptop
  • Repair keyboard problems
  • Damaged keyboard replacement.

Just give us a call and we are ready to solve your problems at the earliest!

Motherboard Replacement

Motherboard is the main component of a laptop or computer that carries out all the operations. Any problems with motherboard should be addressed as soon as possible so as to avoid any major damage to your laptop or computer. At Fix MY PC AJ, we use best quality laptop keyboard replacement parts and you can expect highest quality spares used in your system.

Our laptop motherboard replacement services are listed below in this section.

  • Servicing and repairing dead laptop
  • Laptop hardware and peripheral issue resolution
  • Repairing noisy laptop
  • Getting rid of system error and laptop failure
  • Resolving Windows problems and system errors.

Dirty Laptop Fan

The most common issue for overheating is the cooling fan of your laptop or desktop. It can cause many problems if you wont take an action on time.Especially aging laptops are differently designed and has more larger fans and air intakes, Of cause it is better for air circulation ,but polluted air can easily get into your system which causes  issue over the years.If you like to maintain your System every 6 month then your laptop may not  have fan issue unless the fan physically fails and requires replacement. The most common issues to cause to your system malfunction are randomly blue screen,Sudden shut down, Noisy fan, the fan not sniping,unexpected data lost,the mother board burnout,Power supply explosion for desktop computers, the CPU overhearing may result CPU replacement. Nova Day laptops  are well designed  but more expensive then you may have payed for your laptop but again No meter  what your have it still requires maintenance.  

 Dirty Laptop Fan
  • We perform routine checkup
  • We resolve overhearing issue
  • We replace the damaged fans

Laptop Power jack Repair

Laptop Power jack is the very vital and delegate part, Most of the part location is behind  or side of your laptop as you can see in the picture below.Some of the laptops has magnetic Power jack like apple laptops,but windows based laptops most of them are plug in Jacks.If your laptop doesn't charge it can have 3 main issues. 1) you may need to replace the battery of your laptop 2)  The Laptops Power adapter has issues and needs to be replaced or 3) Power Jack is loos,pushed in or broken inside which requires  experienced person who can fix the issue. In very rear case there is a possibility  the power jack may not be able to fix and require the whole motherboard replacement but again it is only happen  1 % out of the 100%

Our power Jack replacement services are listed below.

  • Laptop Power Jack inspection
  • We  Fix the power Jacks
  • Affordable resolve the issues
 Laptop Powerjack Repair

Contact us for any brand of Power Jack replacement including Dell, Acer, Toshiba, Mac, HP, Asus, Gateway, Samsung, IBM, Sony, Lenovo and any other brand 

Just give us a call and we are ready to solve your problems at the earliest!

You can contact us for any of these issues and we are more than happy to serve you at any time of the day!



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