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Buy Back Program

 At this moment we have discontinued Buy-Back-Program , Sorry for the inconvenience, Please check us later. 
Sale Your Broken Computer & Laptop

Buy Back Program

Are you planning to get rid of the CRT monitors lying in your office store room? It is really unbelievable that how soon computer clutter can occupy your store room completely. With most of the people shifting towards greener machines and latest devices, IT clutter is one of the biggest issues faced in home as well as offices. Fix My PC AJ has an exciting buyback program for old computers, hardware, laptops, and IT hardware for good cash.

How does it work?

You can call us to get an estimate of the computers and hardware you have. Every machine has its own value and built according to specific requirements. Our experts will analyze the quality and condition of the machines to get a fair value of your assets. Rest assured that you will get the best market value for your machine and we intend to pay you in cash rather than any gift vouchers for your items.

You should not worry about your personal and business information as we ensure that your information is deleted prior to any other operations. All the machines are thoroughly checked for any of such information and your personal details are safe with us.

At Fix My PC AJ, we offer these machines to other customers who are not able to spend huge bucks on purchasing computers. Further, we support and work hard for having a greener planet and participate in recycling of computers. We intend to use your computer for the best purpose while making sure that you are getting the right value for it! 

Delete Personal
LCD Monitor
Desk Tops
or faster
pentium 4
or faster
LCD Monitor/
CRT Monitor
Desk Tops
or slower
pentium 3
or slower
Office Equipment
Printers, Scanners
Speakers, ETC
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