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Server Setup

  • Web server planning and architecture.
  • VMware and Microsoft Virtualization and configuration.
  • Setup Windows or Linux based servers.
  • Security Detection and prevention.
  • Internal firewalls.
Server setup

Do you have a large business that need planning for new web servers? Every business has its unique requirements and needs custom IT solutions for its online requirements. With the number of online customers on the rise, it is mandatory for every business to shift online. At Fix My PC AJ, we offer server setup and configuration services for all major brand of IT hardware. In addition to web server configuration, our services include designing web server architecture, configuring virtualized environments, and installing security hardware/software for your business.

Web Server Planning and Architecture

At Fix My PC AJ, we provide the most required competitive edge to your business with high quality architecture for better resource management. Our experts have many years of experience in web server planning and architecture services. They have in-depth knowledge of different industry requirements and can provide efficient solution for your business.

  • Better Operational Efficiency
  • High Resource Utilization
  • Efficient Resource Management

Our services extend much more than server installation and configuration, we believe in working along with your business to provide best solutions for your establishments.

VMware and Microsoft Virtualization and Configuration

Business has become highly competitive nowadays and it is important to keep up with the ever changing demands of the market. VMware solutions are in the market for quite some time and they are really helpful in different aspects of business. Fix My PC AJ experts have full understanding of virtualization concept and it can help in achieving better operational agility in business environments.

  • Setup Virtual Environment
  • Microsoft Virtualization Package Configuration
  • Design and mange VMware applications

Sometimes it requires the best experts to work for your business and this is where we come to your rescue. Contact us for setting up Microsoft virtualization environment and servers for your business.

Setup Windows and Linux based Servers

Do you need professional IT experts for setting up your servers? We offer setup and installations services for both Linux and Windows servers. Linux servers are known for their better reliability, security, and protection from any sort of attacks. Most of the industries prefer installing these servers for their reliability and negligible downtime. We can configure your servers as per your requirements and help you in protecting your data from any intruders.

  • Installation of Windows and Linux Servers
  • Configuration of Windows and Linux Servers
  • Maintenance of Servers

It is quite common to have issues with IT hardware and it can hinder your work progress. At Fix My PC AJ, we ensure that our client never suffers because of these server issues. We are always available for any server problems and we ensure quick repair of any hardware or software problems.

Security Detection and Prevention

Every business is worried about its data and operation critical information. With the highly competitive market and cut-throat competition, it is must for a company to secure its data and find out any potential threats to it. First step from preventing any kind of data loss is to identify potential threats and make sure to have preventive measures for them. Fix My PC AJ offers threat detection services for all the businesses and our experts will ensure the protection of your data.

  • Threat Detection
  • Advanced Security Measurements
  • Security Breach Prevention
  • Installing Security Hardware/Software for Protection

Internet Firewalls

Firewalls are defined as those hardware/software solutions that protect any unauthorized personnel from gaining access into your system. These are used in most basic to highest level of IT deployments including IT companies, production houses to simple users. Every industry has its specific requirements and the size and quality of firewall protection changes accordingly. There are different types of firewall solutions available in the market starting with the in-built firewalls of operating systems, custom firewalls, and even hardware especially designed to work as firewall.

Installing a firewall in your system will ensure that your system is safe from any kind of external threats and attacks. Fix My PC AJ offers best firewalls tools and programs to combat any kind of external attacks.

  • Installation and configuration of Firewall
  • Hardware Firewall Configuration
  • Security Advice and Advanced Firewall Solutions

Contact us for any of your needs and we ensure that your issues will be solved at the earliest!

Virus Removal

  • On line or off line virus check and removal.
  • Recommend and install anti virus programs.
  • Remove Spams,Key Loggers,Bots,Malwares.
  • Fix Hijacked browsers and lock then up.
Virus Removal

Internet is one of the biggest and most important discoveries of the modern world. It allows us to gain unlimited access to important information and get in touch with people from all over the world. The presence of virus and malwares is one of the biggest problems faced by internet users. If you PC is full of virus and shows irregular behavior then it is best to consider computer experts to help you in the matter. Fix My PC AJ is the premium service provider for virus and malware problems. We have the best anti-virus solutions to repair your windows and fix hijacked PC and browsers.

Online or Offline Virus Check and Removal

Do you feel that your computer behaves in unexpected manner? Is your important data missing from your laptop or computer? There are so many virus and malwares over the internet that can interrupt the overall working of the computer. These viruses are even transmitted through data storage devices like flash drives, CD, and via emails. The worst part of the whole concept is that these programs can destroy important data or steal important information like your passwords and user accounts.

At Fix My PC AJ, we offer update virus removal tools and services to get rid of these programs. You can contact us for online as well offline removal of viruses from your computer. Some of our services are listed below.

  • Online Computer Diagnostic and Virus Removal
  • Offline Virus Removal and Malicious Programs Detection
  • Windows Security Check Up

It doesn’t matter that how many malicious programs are hiding up in your system, we’ll detect and remove all of these programs for better computer protection. Your data and personal information is safe with us.

Recommend and Install Anti-virus Programs

Anti-virus programs guarantee the protection of your computer from any kind of malicious software and programs. Their job is to detect virus, Trojans, malwares, and remove them from your system at the earliest. Our services include providing the best anti-virus programs in the market and recommend anti-virus solutions according to your requirements.

Our anti-virus solutions and services are listed below.

  • Recommend Anti-Virus for Your Computer
  • Anti-virus installation
  • Anti-Virus Update and License
  • Anti-Virus Configuration

You can visit our store or contact us online for using any of these services. Rest assured that we offer best discounted rates to our clients.

Remove Spams, Key Loggers, Bots, Malwares

There are different types of malicious programs and each of these can harm your computer in different manners. Some of the most common malicious programs and their function are listed in this section.

  • Spam: Online malware where suspicious content and links are mailed to large number of users with sale and advertising purpose.
  • Key Loggers: Key loggers are among the most dangerous programs as they keep record of all of your keyboard movements and mail them to the intruder.
  • Bots: Bots are designed to perform different purposes. Some of these are developed to destroy or corrupt user data whereas other are developed to steal user information.
  • Malwares: Malwares can serve any purpose starting with wasting computer resources, corrupt user data, install malicious software, and similar functions.

In short, there are so many malicious programs that can harm your computer and destroy your important information. At Fix My PC AJ, we inspect your computer for any of these programs and remove then one by one from your system. We have advanced tools that help in identifying these programs and get rid of them without corrupting or damaging your data.

Fix Hijacked Browsers

Windows is susceptible to hijacking or hacking which is one of the deadliest of internet attacks. Hacking means gaining unauthorized access to your system and exploit your computer resources, information, and data for the sole benefit of the hacker. Sometime it can be really hard to detect that your system is hacked and the best advice is to ask for expert help in such cases. Fix My PC AJ has trained experts who can take care of these attacks and provide better protection to your computer.

  • Identifying Hacking of System
  • Prevent Hacking Attacks
  • Upgrade System Security
  • Fix Hacked System

You can contact us even in case of the worst of the attacks and we’ll make sure that you computer is protected from any such attacks. Contact us and ensure the safety of your data!

Network Setup 

  • Home and small business networking
  • Router, Switches, modem, firewall configuration
  • Network Security detection
  • wireless networking
Network Setup

Network configurations are complex in nature and it is best to be handled by professionals. At Fix My PC AJ, we ensure perfect configuration and error free setup of your network. We provide network setup service for both residential as well as commercial buildings. We offer 100% guarantee for your network security and you can contact us for any queries whatsoever.

Home and small business networking

Are you looking for a reliable network setup service for your business? Most of the business owners are afraid of the security of their information and seek professional help in this context. It can be a small intranet with 10 systems or even large systems with 100 or systems. Our installation and maintenance service will make sure that your resources are safe and keep working perfectly.

Our network setup services for business are listed below.

  • Network Management Services
  • Network Installation and Maintenance
  • Network Security
  • Network Consultation

In addition to business solutions, we provide network setup services for your home as well. Get your network setup and protected with our services. Rest assured that you are safe from any network attack and unauthorized access in your system. Our team of expert will visit your house and setup the network at an affordable cost. 

Router, Switches, Modem, Firewall configurations

All the major network installations require installation of routers, modems, switches, and hardware/software firewalls. For business organizations, there is nothing more important than their data and it is their utmost concern to protect this data from any intruders. Fix My PC AJ offers professional network setup services for business establishments. We can configure your network hardware devices and provide important consultation for upgrading the security of your network.

Our commercial network setup services are listed below.

  • Router installation and configuration
  • Modem installation and configuration
  • Hardware and software Firewall installation/configuration
  • Switch installation and configuration

Our experts will guide your staff for better usage tips that can help in avoiding any network attacks. At Fix My PC AJ, it is our responsibility to ensure the safety of your data and help you out in protecting the critical information of your company.

Network Security Detection

Computer systems and network devices are update regularly to improve the overall protection of the system. All the software vulnerabilities are studied to prevent any kind of network attacks. We have certified experts who can identify the loop holes in your system that may even lead to possible intrusion. At Fix My PC AJ, we have proper set of tools and skilled experts who can identify the pattern of intrusion and help you in keeping your network safe from attacks.

Some of our network security detection services are listed below.

  • Custom Defense Solutions for Network
  • Counter Attack Mechanisms for Network Intrusion
  • Highly Active Network Intrusion Detection System
  • Handle Real Time Attacks
  • Remote Management of Security Operations and Authentication System

In short, we are capable of developing an intrusion prevention system for your network that will ensure the safety of your data at any possible cost. We can help in deployment of both hardware as well as software solutions for the safety and detection of any attacks on your system. All that is required of you is to contact us and we’ll take care of all of your problems.

Wireless Networking

Wireless networks are highly prone to network attacks and unauthorized access. These networks can be easily used within a given area which makes very difficult to monitor the individuals using it. The best idea is to get your wireless network secured professionally. Fix My PC AJ provides expert network installation and protection services for wireless networks. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a professional service for your house or business; we provide network solutions at every scale.

Our networking services are highly trusted for their security and data protection. Some of our services are listed below.

  • Wireless Network Installation for Business/Residential
  • Wi-Fi Service Security and Installation
  • Mobile Security Services
  • Wireless Intrusion Detection and Prevention Services

We have installed networks starting with small office network to enterprise wireless solutions. If you are looking for professional network setup service provider, Fix My PC AJ is the best choice for you.

PC Tune Ups

  • Check security threats and fix it.
  • System clean up and maintenance.
  • Speed up your computer or laptop.
  • Registry Check and clean up.
  • Check all pending updates.
Tune Ups

Are you tired of the sluggish performance of your PC? With time and regular usage, all the machines have the tendency of slowing down and same is the case with computers. If you are looking forward to a solution for your PC, then probably it is the time for PC tune up. Fix My PC AJ offers premium PC tune up service for computers and laptops. We can tune up your system online as well as in our store, you simply need to contact us for your requirements. We have high quality performance-boosting tools that can detect any present issues with your PC and solve them within minutes. 

We offer 24/7 PC tune service on any day of the week and it requires only 90 minutes to attain the best performance for your PC.

Check Security Threats and Fix it

Most of the users are unaware of the in-built security features of Windows and hence do not have them activated. It may lead to different types of security threats, especially while using internet or working on a network computer. We can help you in restricting any such security threats and fix them to keep your computer protected from any type of threat.

We offer security threat identification and fixing service. Some of these services are discussed below.

  • Security Threat Identification
  • Fixing Security Issues
  • Activating in-built Security Features of Windows
  • Covering Loop Holes in Your System

In addition to all of these services, our expert will help you in identifying security threats and solve them all by yourself. Our services also include full diagnostic or the hardware and software installed on your PC.

System Clean Up and Maintenance

Fix My PC AJ offers complete system clean up and maintenance service for your computer. Generally there are lots of errors in your PC that have occurred because of regular usage and mishandling. It is best to fix these issues else they may even lead to crashing the whole system. We provide all versions of current operating systems available in the market with best rates possible.

Our system clean up and maintenance services are listed below.

  • Complete System Checkup
  • Fixing System Errors
  • Security Updates and software Upgrades

We have experts who can analyze issues in your system and provide cost effective solutions. On top of all of these services, our experts will give proper advice regarding proper usage and handling of your system.

Speed Up Your Computer or Laptop

Does your system takes long time during startup and shut down? Most of the systems face a drop in their performance because of rough handling and piled up system errors. At Fix My PC AJ, we are capable of boosting the overall performance of your system and help you in achieving the peak performance from your system. 

We can speed up your computer and laptop to get maximum output. Out computer speeding up services are listed below.

  • Complete Hardware Diagnostics
  • Software and Security Updates
  • Removing unnecessary files, cookies, unused software, and temporary files from your system.

You can ask any types of questions from our experts and get best advice on achieving maximum output of your system. Contact us and we’ll get rid of all your computer or laptop issues.

Registry Check and Clean Up

Most of the users are unaware of the fact that registry is the most important part of your PC and it should be clean and error free. PC problems are originated from issues in system registry and errors which can be simple error to sever ones which can crash the system. Our services include taking care of your system’s registry and get rid of all the system errors for best performance.

  • Registry Clean Up
  • Registry Error Removal
  • Fixing Registry Errors
  • Organizing PC Registry

Most of the systems fail due to registry errors and lead to loss of important information. If you have important information in your system, make sure to contact Fix My PC AJ to check your PC registry and handle any issues with it.

Check All Pending Updates

One of the best methods of securing your system from any sort of security threats it to keep it updated. At Fix My PC AJ, we will optimize the startup and shut down process of your PC. It is quite common to skip important Windows updates and mostly because of the lack of awareness about these updates. Our experts will make sure that your system is updated and has the latest version of Windows installed in it.

  • Windows Updates Installation
  • Quick Launch and Taskbar Clean Up
  • Better Windows Performance
  • Better Navigation Options
  • Optimize Startup of Your System

Fix My PC AJ experts will diagnose your PC for any possible issues and provide cost effective solution for your system. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call and hire the best computer service in your city. 

Data Recovery

Data is very important for businesses as well as individuals and losing important data can create lots of troubles for you. It is a common practice to keep data on different types of storage mediums and sometimes the data is lost because of an accident or technical fault. At Fix My PC AJ, we specialize in recovering data from any possible data storage device and machine. 

Data Recovery

We have helped lots of individuals as well as businesses in restoring their data. It doesn’t matter that how you lost your data, we are here to solve your data recovery problems.

Some common situations leading to data loss and damage are listed below.

  • Physical damage to the device is one of the most common problems leading to data loss and sometimes even the operating system failure may lead to data loss.
  • You deleted the data accidentally or overwriting of existing control structure by Virus or similar program.
  • Your system corrupted and you are unable to use the data saved on your system itself.
In short, there are lots of reasons which may lead to data failure and you need expert help to get valuable data back. We ensure timely response and your data will be recovered with maximum efficiency.

Laptop Data Recovery

Laptops are used by executives, business people, and employees for regular works and storing important corporate information. Laptop gives an easy accessibility to information and whenever or wherever you need. But the main problem with laptop is that it is a delicate device and there are more chances of disk failure or other hardware issues in these machines. 

What are the common signs of Laptop failure/damage?

It is quote common to get your laptop damaged because of the simplest reasons including laptop being dropped on floor, hardware failure, and similar reasons. Some important signs that can help you in identifying any damage are listed below.

  • Unusual sound coming out of your laptop like grinding and sometimes clicking sound.
  • Operating System missing error.
  • Hard Drive error.
  • Controller Error
  • No booting

We have many years of experience in handling laptop issues and we guarantee laptop data recovery at an effective cost. Our qualified experts have helped many individuals in recovering data from their damaged laptop. Fix My PC AJ is the name you can always rely on. We deal in all brands and models of laptop including Sony, IBM, Lenovo, Samsung, Dell, Acer, Toshiba, and Fujitsu.

Desktop Data Recovery

Fix My PC AJ is the right place for all of your Desktop issues. Desktop are considered to be much more reliable because of their robust nature and capability to survive damages. But sometimes an unexpected error or accident may damage your hard disk and you may lose your data. Some of these reasons which may lead to loss of data in desktop computer are listed below.

  • Desktop physically damaged
  • Hard Disk logical error
  • Virus and Malicious programs
  • Accidental File depletion and hard disk failure errors

We are there for any of these troubles and we ensure that your computer will be repaired within 72 hours of your complain. You can get all the required data recovered from your desktop and you have to pay only for the data you need. Avoid handling the hard disk without any expert and wait for our experts to solve your problem.

Flash or External Drive Data Recovery

Flash drives are the most common form of data devices used nowadays. They are easy to carry, widely used, and portable which makes them best for carrying information. The influence of external drives and flash cards can be seen in every aspect of our life including camera, mobile, and MP3 players. But these drives impose new challenges when it comes to data loss and damage to these devices. 

Some common reasons out of which you may lose data stored in flash drives include failure in hardware, virus and malware, human error, mishandling and damage, power issues, and hardware/software problems. 

Our experts have been working closely on these flash drives and they have proper knowledge as well as programs to recover data from these drives. You can expect quick-turnaround and get your important data recovered as soon as possible. Contact Fix My PC AJ at the earliest!

Server or Network Drives Data Recovery

The worst thing that could happen for an office is to lose important data from its network drive. We have many years of experience in recovering data lost out of a network drive failure. We professional IT solutions for network drive recovery.

Some of our services are listed below.

  • Restoration of application servers
  • Virtual server data recovery
  • Data recovery from file servers
  • RAID data recovery
  • Web server data recovery

In short, you can contact us for any type of server crashes or data recovery issues. We have dedicated experts for reporting network data issues and recovering data from these devices. It doesn’t matter that the problem is catastrophic or just a simple error leading to data loss. Contact us and we’ll ensure that your data is recovered while maintaining its integrity.

 Data Backup

Are you looking for a reliable data backup service so as to ensure the safety of your important data? Getting complete backup of your data should be you first priority and that too with the help of professionals. At Fix My PC AJ, we provide different online as well as offline data backup services. 

With Fix My PC AJ at your service, you can safeguard your data and get access it from anywhere. Your data will be completely protected from any kind of intrusion and be ready to enjoy freedom of data sharing!


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